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Customer inquired about 200ma medical X-ray machine

Recently, a customer inquired about our company’s 200mA medical x-ray machine. The customer said that they are a private clinic in Tianjin and want to know how effective our medical x-ray machine is. He replied that the medical x-ray machine product is a single sheet tube. The LCD display can be moved horizontally and vertically. Now let’s take a look at the product features of our medical X-ray machine!

Features of medical x-ray machine:

1. Single sheet tube;

2. High visibility and operability console, LCD display shows tube voltage, tube current and photo time

3. 8 photos can be stored, and can be selected, modified and stored.

4. Automatic power supply and voltage control, kv continuously adjustable, automatic fault alarm

5. High voltage and high power SCR zero point control circuit

6. X-ray components are equipped with Tangential-pipe kit

7. Camera bed, column, vibration filter integrated equipment, no need to go up and down tracks

8. The camera bed can be moved horizontally and vertically, and the column can be rotated by ±180º.

If you need a 200ma medical x-ray machine, please contact us.


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