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Specifications and models of the six ray floating medical x ray table

The medical x ray table is an important part of the X-ray machine and one of the important parts used for human X-ray filming and photography.

There are many types of medical x ray tables. Divided into fixed, mobile, four-way floating and six-way floating medical x ray table. Recently, many customers are interested in our six-direction medical x ray table.

The six-way floating medical x ray table can be raised and lowered, controlled by foot gates or infrared induction.

And Newheek medical x ray table and bed panel materials are divided into plexiglass, carbon fiber and MDF.

The X-ray radiation medical table surface made of carbon fiber composite material has many advantages such as high imaging quality, high strength, strong fatigue resistance, and light weight. The good X-ray permeability of the material itself can effectively reduce the harm caused by radiation to patients. In addition, we can accept customized services.

The medical x ray table can meet your different purchasing needs.Newheek specializes in all kinds of X-ray machines and intensifiers as well as radiology spare parts. If you are interested in this kind of equipment, please contact us.

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