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Customer inquiries about the characteristics of the DR X-ray machine

Some time ago, a customer from a distributor in Guangzhou called our company and wanted to know what are the characteristics of the DR X-ray machine? Here is a brief explanation for everyone.
The DR X-ray machine is a digital medical X-ray machine. The DR X-ray machine is mainly used for the photographic inspection of the human chest, limbs, pelvis and lumbar spine. The high-frequency and high-voltage generator and sickle arm support controlled by a microcomputer have stable and accurate exposure conditions and precise rotation angles to meet the needs of clinical multi-position photography. For human body photography, it is equipped with high-frequency and high-voltage generators, bulbs, collimators, flat panel detectors and other components. Recently, many customers need digital filming machines. Customers are mainly used for chest radiographs and orthopedics.
Therefore, we recommend the DR X-ray machine to our customers. Customers are very satisfied with our equipment.
Newheek DR X-ray machine can meet your different purchasing needs.

Author: Lillian

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