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Customer wanted to purchase a 75KV high-voltage cable

Recently, a customer wanted to purchase a high-voltage cable. The customer specified a 75 KV high-voltage cable. He would like to inquire whether our 75 KV high-voltage cable is suitable for their use. The characteristic of our 75KV high-voltage cable is that it includes The stranded superfine silver-plated copper conductor is extruded and wrapped with an insulated wire core composed of a high-elastic PVC insulation layer, and also includes a radiant fiber fabric coating layer. The elasticity of the sheath of the high-voltage cable has an excellent protective effect on the internal structure.
We also provide a high-elasticity flexible high-voltage medical data cable. From the selection of high-voltage cable constituent materials to the structure design, it can fully meet the market requirements. Customers who need high-voltage cables can contact us.

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