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Recommend mobile x ray tables with cassette to customers

Today, a customer from Guangdong called to inquire about our mobile x ray table for use with mobile DR. I recommend to customers a mobile x ray table with acrylic table surface and cassette.

Many customers know that there are many combinations of our x ray tables. This is because an x ray table is composed of several factors. One is whether there is a cassette. This should be selected according to the customer’s machine. Generally, the U arm x ray table does not have a cassette, because the U arm itself has a cassette that can be extended under the x ray table, so there is no need for a cassette. The ordinary x ray table for filming usually chooses a x ray table with a cassette, so that the DR detector can be placed under the x ray table to take pictures, which is more convenient. Speaking of this, we have to talk about the material of the x ray table surface. Because the x ray table with a lathe needs to be centered, the general x ray table surface material is transparent acrylic board. Since the U arm x ray table is self-aligning, it is more tolerant of the x ray table surface material. You can choose white acrylic or carbon fiber.

There is also a six-way floating x ray table with a movable x ray table surface. The x ray table surface of this x ray table can be moved in six directions, front, back, left, and right, and electromagnetic lock, suitable for surgery.

If you need an x ray table, please contact us.

Author: 肖恩

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