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Daily maintenance of portable X-ray machine

The daily maintenance of the portable X-ray machine can detect hidden dangers and eliminate the existence of faults in time. The maintenance of the portable X-ray machine can be carried out from the following aspects:
1. Regularly check the power cord of the portable X-ray machine, whether the wiring position is normal, whether the fixing screws are loose, and whether the wire insulation is intact.
2. Check whether the bolts and other fixed parts on the portable X-ray machine are loose.
3. Perform regular inspections on the movable parts on the X-ray machine to observe their wear.
4. Observe whether the indicator is accurate and whether the adjustment knob is loose
5. Clean the high-voltage cable plug and socket.
6. Perform exposure test, calibrate the exposure time, calibrate the milliamp value of the gear
7. Frequently wipe the inside and outside of the equipment, remove dust, and keep the equipment clean
8. Make detailed inspection records.
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