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Dental wall-mounted X-ray machine

(Dental wall-mounted X-ray machine)

Dental wall-mounted X-ray machine is the most common type of dental X-ray machine in dental clinics, because it is not only small body and large energy, but also professional level of operation.
1. Clear image, high efficiency, international advanced technology
2. Low radiation, the amount of radiation leakage is only 1% of the national regulation
3, touch the button, microcomputer control, only one button can quickly and accurately determine the exposure parameters
4, bright room flushing, one minute imaging, immediately used for diagnosis, the greatest degree of convenience for doctors to diagnose
5. The two-meter-long hanger structure not only saves space but also facilitates the doctors to take pictures in all directions.It can be used with oral digital imaging system
The main parameters of the dental wall-mounted X-ray machine produced by Shandong Huarui Imaging Equipment Co., LTD are as follows:
Power supply AC220V±10%, 50Hz, 1KVA
60 KVP tube voltage
8 ma tube current
Focus size: 1.5mm
Total 2.5 mmAL filtration
The exposure time is 0.2-4 seconds
Leakage ray 1 meter away ≤0.002mGy/h
Optional tube current: 0.5mA Focus size: 0.8mm
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Introduction of dental X ray machine

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