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digital DR X-ray machine for medical

(digital DR X-ray machine for medical)

I’m sure you have a question.What’s the difference between a regular X-ray machine and a digital DR?I’m here to answer your questions today.

DR stands for Digital Radiography, a Digital X-ray imaging system.

The general X-ray machine upgrades the digital X-ray imaging system mainly to make full use of the existing hospital equipment, keeping the traditional X-ray part and removing the film imaging part.Add digital image system and support structure;The high voltage generator and detector control system were added to form a complete digital X-ray photography system (DR).

Traditional X-ray machine film operation cumbersome, doctors need to spend a lot of time in the processing of film, low efficiency, and prone to errors.Some hospitals have upgraded to CR products with traditional X-ray machines, but CR is still a semi-automatic product, which cannot obtain the images taken in real time, and its efficiency has not been improved to the maximum extent, and the cost is expensive.

The 500mA medical diagnostic radiography machine produced by Shandong Huarui imaging is mainly used for the photographic examination of human chest, limbs, pelvis and lumbar spine by medical units.It is mainly equipped with multifunctional photographic flat bed, high frequency and high voltage generator, X-ray tube, beam and digital plate detector.

Advantages of an ordinary X-ray machine after upgrading the digital X-ray imaging system

1. The imaging speed is fast and the imaging area is large, and the detector can be used in multiple angles and ways.

2. The dose of X-ray radiation will be lowered, reducing the range of radiation the patient is exposed to.

3. The image quality is the same as the brand machine, with good effect and improved clinical diagnosis efficiency;

4. The upgrade plan has low cost, good performance and high cost performance.

(digital DR X-ray machine for medical)

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