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Double column digital medical DR x ray machine

Double-column digital medical DR x ray machine is mainly composed of high-pressure generator, X-ray ball tube, beam light, digital photography flat bed, DR plate detector, x ray frame and other parts.
The main parameters of the NK501 double-column digital medical DR x ray recorder launched by Shandong Newheek Image Equipment Co., LTD are as follows:
High frequency high voltage generator:(Double column digital medical DR x ray machine)
1. The voltage range of the camera tube is 40~125kV,1KV step
2. The current range of the tube is 10~640mA;
3. Exposure time range: 1-10000ms
4. MAs range 0.1-640MAS
5. MA accuracy ≤±10% (5%+ 0.2mas)
6. APR storage capacity: 2400 data
7. Auxiliary output power: 24VDC 300mA 220VAC 5A
X-ray tube assembly:
1. X-ray tube model XD52-30.50/125kV /150KV (or XD52-20.40/125kV)
2. Focus: Double focus 1.0/2.0
3. Rated speed of anode: 2800r/min
1. Maximum exposure field: 440mm×440mm (SID=100cm)
2. Average luminance of light field: & GT;160 lux
3. Contrast ratio: & GT;4:1
4. Bulb: 24V/150W;
5. Single lighting time of the field lamp: 30S
6. Focus – Mounting surface distance mm (adjustable as required) : 60mm
7. Proper filtration (75kV) : 1mmAl
Digital plate detector:
1. Detector type: amorphous silicon detector
2. Scintillator: Gadolinium sulfide/cesium iodide
3. Image size: 35cm × 43cm
4. Pixel matrix: 2560×3072 cm
5. Pixel spacing: 140 m A/D
6. Conversion: 16 bits
7. Spatial resolution: 3.6 LP/mm
8. Mapping time (wireless) : 2.5s
Multifunctional photographic flat bed:
1. Bed surface movement: release of electromagnetic locking foot, longitudinal: ±560m;Horizontal: + / – 120 mm
2. Fixed filter grid: grid density: 40L/cm, grid ratio: 10:1, convergence distance: 100cm
3. Range of motion: ≥610mm
4. Radiography specifications: 5 “x 7”, 8 “x 10”, 10 “x 12”, 11 “x 14”, 12 “x 15”, 14 “x 14”, 14 “x 17”
5. Distance from face to x ray: 75mm
6. Bed height: 700mm
7. Column movement: 180° positioning per 90°, longitudinal stroke ≥1500mm
8. Column movement: 180° positioning per 90°, longitudinal stroke ≥1500mm
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