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X-ray machines have important applications in life

X-ray machine universality:

The X-ray machine occupies an important position in our daily life, and he can be found no matter where we are. Subway, hospital, airport, etc. It can be said that X-ray machines have become part of our daily lives. X-ray machine is a device that produces X-rays, which is mainly composed of X-ray tube, X-ray machine’s power supply and control circuit. The X-ray tube consists of a cathode filament (cathode) and an anode target. According to the usage, X-ray machines can be divided into medical X-ray machines, industrial X-ray machines, and X-ray machines for security inspection, etc.; according to whether they can be moved, they can be divided into fixed X-ray machines, mobile X-ray machines, and portable X-ray machine, handheld X-ray machine, etc.medical X-ray machine universality
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