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Dental X-ray machine classification

There are many types of dental X-ray machines. Recently, many customers are interested in our dental X-ray machines. Newheek dental X-ray machines are portable, wall-mounted and vertical.They apply to different fields.
An American client recently asked about a portable dental X-ray machine. And our products are exactly what he wants.
Dental X ray machine classification
Advantages of portable dental X-ray machines include:
Small size, light weight, excellent image quality and nearly no radiation
Stable performance, full-function, simple operation
AC, DC, AC and DC dual-use can be chosen at random
It can be fixed variously, such as foothold, wall-mounted, vertical, fixed on the dental unit etc
It can be controlled by remote or hand switch at random
Its charger are suitable for different countries power supply.
Newheek dental X-ray machine can meet your different purchase needs.

Author: Glinda

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