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Do you know U-arm X ray machine?

X-ray machines are divided into U-arm, C-arm, and G-arm etc. Maybe you will be wondering why you want this name? In fact, it is just the name based on their appearance.
If you still don’t understand and don’t know them, then let me introduce them to you.

Used in radiology for digital photography of various parts of the body for patients of different body types, different parts and different ages
       1. Fully electric liftable and independent research and development to produce a new type of rotatable new U-arm main frame design, wide range of lifting and rotating angles, can be applied to the positioning requirements of different positions of patients, meet the requirements of multiple parts of standing and flat patient, at the same time Flexible and easy to operate.
      2. The world’s leading single CCD super digital detector, the imaging is clearer.
      3. The new U-arm special photographic bed, floating electromagnetic lock design on the bed surface, convenient for precise positioning of the patient in the flat bed.
      4. The new DR dedicated console design adopts the graphic true color touch LCD screen full digital intelligent control system, the operation is simple and clear, and the use is convenient and safe.

      5. There are multi-part, multi-position, multi-body adult, children and other human characteristics photography parameters set, and the user can freely modify and store, making the operation easier.
      6. Using high-quality high-frequency high-pressure X-ray generator and high-frequency inverter power supply, the radiation quality is good, the skin dose is low, and the image clarity and contrast are good.
     7. Adopt KV, mAs digital closed-loop control technology, real-time control of the microprocessor to ensure accurate output and repeatability.
     8. With multiple automatic protection and fault prompting function, the instrument is safer and more reliable.
     9. Adopt automatic digital control drive technology, accurate and reliable.
     10. Handheld controller, mask button, LCD touch screen three convenient and fast control methods.

Author: Alina

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