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Dental X-ray machine used for bidding

Customers see the dental X-ray machine advertised by our company on the website and call for consultation. The client said that a local hospital needs a dental X-ray machine, which is a bidding project.
We first confirm to the customer whether the bidding documents have come down, and we can recommend a suitable model according to the bidding parameters. The customer said that it hasn’t come down yet, and ask us which models of dental X-ray machines we have. We send the product parameters of the three existing dental X-ray machines, portable, wall-mounted and vertical dental X-ray machines to customers for reference. Customers are advised to send the information to the hospital for them to choose the style, and then ask the hospital to confirm whether it is still needed Dental digital sensor. The customer replied that the hospital is more interested in portable dental X-ray machines and does not want digital sensors.

dental X-ray machine

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