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Digital Camera install on Image Intensifier

On November 30, 2018, Mr. B from Indonesia consulted our Image Intensifier digital camera and X-ray Collimator. And left the port and quoted him CNF price.

Then, according to the information he left behind and the name of the company, we found out that his company was a company engaged in geological exploration. We assume that the need for digital cameras should be for industrial testing.
He then responded to his e-mail and asked if he was going to use the X-ray machine for industrial NDT.
The next morning we received a reply from him. He said he wanted to develop X-ray imaging and asked if we could offer him a price.
After consulting the manager, I recommended our digital camera for industrial testing X-ray machines and made him a quotation.
Then he asked his specific receiving address, so that we can use the form invoice later.
If you are also interested in our digital camera, please feel free to contact us.

Author: Yevette

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