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Newheek U-arm x ray machine

About the U-arm machine Stand Configuration.X Ray HV Generator, X Ray Tube, Collimator, UCARM, Digital Flat Panel Detector and Image Workstation

Main thrust of design:
Electric Rotary Arm with Flat Cabinet

Floor-to-wall mounting supports all movement (two-speed) of fully electric “U” arms, allowing easy and accurate setting-all movement of electromagnetic brakes

Easy to locate and user-friendly

All motion positioning control can be obtained from the tube/collimator head, which can control SID, system height, rotation arm and detector angle, as well as two automatic positioning buttons for chest and table positioning.

Positioning motion control is replicated on the flat panel detector cabinet, allowing simple control of the system from the patient side.

From the flat LCD 10 color control display on the rack, unlimited programs can be obtained to automatically locate the most common studies. This allows for a single button to be used to locate the patient after choosing a treatment plan.

The system (through a 10 flat panel display) can control the exposure parameters of the generator, enabling technicians to pre-set or modify the parameters of the patient side before going out for exposure. Automatic location

– This function is probably the most friendly and practical. Because the digital imaging system is fully integrated with the URS system, the preprogrammed anatomy (APR) exposure technology is synchronized with the system bracket, which means that the system will move to the appropriate location for your learning. Generator Operator Console APR has been pre-programmed for exposure parameters for various common types of research (kVp, mA, mAs and time), as well as mechanical position (SID, arm and detector angle, system height, and even collimation with self-alignment). Alternatively, for each study, use a single button to enable automatic positioning of the system. Of course, operator preferences can be reprogrammed for specific user needs, research, and convenience.

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