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Digital dental X-ray machine for dental clinic consultation

Recently, a client from a dental clinic consulted about our digital dental X-ray machine. The client wants to set up a dental clinic, and has not yet installed the equipment. Seeing that there is a digital dental X-ray machine on our website, I want to come over and ask about specific matters. The customer first asked about the types of digital dental X-ray machines, and told them that our digital dental X-ray machines are portable, wall-mounted and vertical. The specific choice of digital dental X-ray machines should be determined according to their needs. The customer asked the imaging system again, telling the customer that we are digital imaging, using dental sensors to connect directly to the computer for imaging, which is convenient and fast. The customer said that he understands, but he still needs protection now, so he can’t make a decision right away, and wait for the decision before contacting.

digital dental X-ray machine

Author: Lillian

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