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Small C-arm X-ray machine

A customer saw the C-arm X-ray machine sold by our company on the takeaway order promotion website, and sent an email to consult, and wanted to export the small C-arm X-ray machine to an alliance hospital in Pakistan.
We first confirm to the customer the specific needs of the hospital, what parts the small C-arm X-ray machine mainly photographs or the technical parameter requirements, the customer sends us the technical parameter table of the hospital, and after careful verification, we understand that the customer needs a small C-type For the X-ray machine, send our small C-arm X-ray machine product color page to the customer, the picture is as follows, and tell the customer that there are some differences in the parameters of the small C-arm X-ray machine, and see if the hospital is willing to accept it. The customer will reply to us after asking the hospital.

small C-arm X-ray machine


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