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Digital high frequency medical diagnostic X-ray machine price

Recently, customers often consult our high-frequency digital medical diagnostic x-ray machine. The price of this machine is ¥32,000. The high-frequency X-ray high-voltage generator is better than the conventional single-phase generator, because it effectively generates and controls the high-voltage power required to drive the X-ray tube.
A fluoroscopy X-ray machine requires a high-voltage generator with the necessary power in the ply of the x-ray tube. It is necessary to maintain a high voltage/potential between the cathode and anode of the X-ray tube, which affects the speed at which electrons propagate and strike the anode. The higher the potential/voltage, the higher the velocity of electrons, and therefore the higher the penetration ability of X-rays. (For more detailed information on X-ray machine functions, please click here).
The AC power supply provides a sinusoidal current to the X-ray machine, resulting in “peaks and troughs”, causing the X-ray tube to generate X-rays only in half of the cycle. Single-phase system—Single-phase high-voltage generator converts AC power into half-wave or full-wave rectified power. Half-wave rectification causes the peak voltage to drop to zero and increase again. This is why the kilovolt peak was used as a parameter in early X-rays.

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