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Medical digital X-ray machine

In the process of purchasing digital x-ray machines, price is an important factor, but the price of digital x-ray machines is only an objective factor. Regarding the purchase of digital x-ray machines, the performance of digital x-ray machines is the most important factor. Important decisive factor.

Regarding the performance of the digital X-ray machine, the primary concern is the issue of stability, and the stability of the digital X-ray machine depends on the quality of the whole machine parts and the degree of adaptation between the various parts. Since the adaptability of various components is high, the probability of failure of the digital x-ray machine is low.

There is also a major category of maintenance that occupies the cost of digital x-ray machines. For example, among a digital x-ray machine, the most expensive equipment is a flat panel detector. The entire cost accounts for about 70% of the total value of the dr machine equipment, even In addition, since the digital x-ray machine is exposed to x-rays for a long time, the flat-panel detectors equipped with the digital x-ray machine are more prone to etching effects, and this situation can be more than 100,000.

Among the many foreign manufacturers of digital x-ray machines, the equipment, parts, and maintenance instructions of their digital x-ray machines will be monopolized, and the dr machine engineers cannot be arranged for repairs in time, causing inconvenience to medical institutions. There are also some digital X-ray machine manufacturers in China. Due to their small brands, they cannot arrange the maintenance of digital X-ray machines. Even the production of their digital X-ray machines is to purchase finished parts for assembly and piece together. Therefore, before purchasing digital X-ray machine equipment, it is recommended to learn more about the after-sales service, such as warranty time, etc., to minimize the maintenance cost of digital X-ray machine. Newheek is a manufacturer specializing in the production of digital X-ray machines, with low price and high cost performance. If you are interested in this equipment, please send the product parameters you need to, and we will reply to you as soon as possible!

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