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X-ray inspection requirements for items

The X-ray tube is one of the core components of the X-ray machine. Its structure is mainly composed of an anode, a cathode and a tube shell. The anode is the part that generates X-rays and consists of an anode body, an anode target and an anode cover. The anode body is a metal electrode with high thermal conductivity. The typical anode body is made of oxygen-free copper. Its main function is to support the anode target while transmitting the heat generated on the anode target to avoid the target surface from burning. The role of the anode target is to withstand The impact of high-speed electrons produces x-rays.

The projection value of the image presented by the x-ray security inspection machine after the express company’s postal package inspection refers to the sum of the gray values of the image pixels in a certain direction. Because the imaging conditions are the same, the image quality will not be too great The difference, when the projection value is taken as the period feature, the security inspection machine does not have too high requirements for the edge characteristics and pixel cluster characteristics of the image.

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