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Digital photographic X-ray machine

Mobile DR can quickly acquire and confirm the photographic image after a few seconds of exposure, because it eliminates the traditional film washing and IP board information reading and other complicated procedures, the image can be processed on site, network transmission, printing, efficient, fast, more direct and popular in the market.


The digital photographic X-ray machine produced by Newheek is also called mobile DR, which mainly consists of X-ray generating device, direct conversion plate detector, system controller, image monitor, image processing workstation and other parts.Due to the use of digital technology, DR can carry out various image post-processing according to clinical needs, such as image automatic processing technology, edge enhancement and clarity technology, enlarged roaming, image Mosaic, distance, area, density measurement and other rich functions.In addition, due to the wide dynamic range and wide exposure tolerance of DR technology, the image quality can be improved a lot even if the exposure conditions are slightly worse.

Product Advantages:

1. folding structure design, easy to transport.

2. imported X-ray host, better quality.

3. standard battery power supply, shooting effect is not affected by ac power supply conditions, power failure can also be shot.

4. Dual-panel control, which can be operated near the platform or in the compartment, keeps doctors away from radiation injuries.

5. Most parts of the main engine are made of aluminum alloy, and the whole machine is light in weight.

6. Wired and wireless DR detector schemes are optional.

7. Independently developed high-quality image processing system to ensure better image effect.

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