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Built-in OMRON micro switch X-ray single foot switch

XD series foot switches are made of fire-retardant, reinforced and chemical-resistant engineering plastics, and medical disinfectant can be cleaned with peace of mind. The split structure can be conveniently combined into a double or multiple position. Built-in OMRON micro switch, gold alloy contacts, the switch has passed CE, UL, C-UL, VDE certification, and is sealed inside the shell to ensure that the waterproof, dustproof, and oil-proof grades reach IP68, and comply with the IEC/EN60529 standard.

Through the previous study, everyone knows what is the X-ray foot switch. Today we will know this X-ray single foot switch. The X-ray foot switch is for the convenience of the operator when doing X-ray perspective. The X-ray foot switch designed to facilitate the operation of the machine to control the X-ray stop can be called a foot switch. Standard configuration: The standard configuration is RVV0.5mm2×2m cable, and you can also customize and install Φ6.35mm audio plug, Φ3.5mm audio plug, DB9 serial port plug or other cable ends as required. If you have any interest in your friends or if you have any questions about the X-ray single foot switch, please contact us!

I hope my sharing will help everyone. Our company specializes in producing various vertical and mobile chest frames, image intensifier TV systems and various types of x-ray machine parts.If you are interested in this product, please contact us!

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