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X-ray machine detect insulating resin industrial X-ray machine

Recently, a customer called to ask whether industrial X-ray machines can be used to detect epoxy resins. The answer is yes. X-ray machines for industrial testing have become very common. Let’s analyze it together:

* General Consulting Industrial X-ray machine, customers mainly do insulating resin products, customers send product pictures and data, product thickness is 6-7CM, similar to our old customer LXW products, customers are advised to mail samples first After testing with an industrial X-ray machine, we recommend the configuration according to the effect, and give the information and pictures of our industrial X-ray machine digital vertical perspective machine to the customer. The customer said that there was no protection on the site. It is recommended that the 20-square-meter room should be made of lead sheet directly, so that the flat door can save time and effort. Their budget is about * yuan, send simulated pictures to customers, and tell the difference of the industrial X-ray machine between the two. Customers say that our digital desktop looks unattractive. It would be best if we could integrate the monitor and the like on the desktop like an analog one. The reported number of *is not available. The customer said that if the price is right, let our company send someone to the scene. He instructs to build a tall operating platform, and then on-site protection. I want our company to do it for professional personnel. To order industrial X-ray machine equipment, he wanted a high-quality, low-cost, professional field protection. Because there will be customers visiting, the appearance is very important. Because the client’s budget is low, we follow the low-budget recommended plan. If we follow the client’s recommendations, the industrial X-ray machine price cannot be achieved. The client claims that they will consider our plan again. Insulating resin manufacturers, if you need industrial X-ray machine, please contact us.

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