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Digital X-ray machine for detecting white lung

According to RIA Novosti news, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Russian Defense Minister Shoygu on the 26th to discuss the assistance of Russian experts to foreign countries in combating New Coronary Pneumonia, saying that the peak of Russian New Crown Virus transmission has passed.
Putin thanked the Russian Ministry of Defense professionals who provided assistance to Italy, Serbia and other countries, and expressed his gratitude to the countries that jointly fight against the new coronary pneumonia epidemic.
“We have to say that we also get some help from them now. Experts believe that we have reached the peak of (New Corona Virus Spread). But nevertheless, everything you do is our interaction with partners around the world “Total”, Putin said.


White lung is an imaging term that refers to a large amount of inflammatory exudation in the lungs that fills the alveoli. On the X-ray machine film, there is a white piece, so it is called white lung. Most of the alveoli are filled, the lung function is reduced, and you ca n’t breathe in or breathe out. If the “white lung” area is very large and can only rely on external oxygen therapy, non-invasive and invasive ventilation, in severe cases, an extracorporeal artificial lung (ECMO) will be used to provide continuous respiratory and circulatory support to the patient to temporarily maintain the patient’s life. Newheek’s U-arm digital X-ray machine can quickly take a picture of the patient’s lungs. The image information can be printed and transmitted through the network for easy consultation. The doctor can diagnose the patient’s lungs as soon as possible. It can also be used for screening suspicious persons to avoid the spread of the virus. Please contact us if you need a digital X-ray machine.

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