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Precautions for maintenance of X-ray machine

One of the most important safety issues is that imaging can be used to diagnose injuries and diseases. If the X-ray machine does not work properly, it may lead to misdiagnosis and affect the treatment effect and after-sale of patients.

Healthcare and medical imaging is an important business. Usually, due to the limited number of machines available, the waiting list for imaging appointments in hospitals or medical institutions is long. When the imager is out of service at any time, it will have a significant impact on the business. There may be a need to reschedule appointments, which infuriates the patient and is not conducive to all other quality control measures you implement. When the imager is stopped for some reason that could have been prevented or identified, the X-ray machine can be frustrating because it can avoid stopping the imager, let alone the cost of emergency maintenance services.

Even with state-of-the-art equipment, the newheek X-ray machine is not without risks. Calibration should be performed periodically to ensure accurate output and safe dose to the patient. The image receiver system shall also be regularly maintained with quality assurance measures.

In addition, X-ray technicians should be trained to carry out regular inspection on the X-ray machine, preferably before and after use. Keep a detailed list of what they need to check and provide easy to follow instructions to report any problems. If problems are found, hire experienced X-ray service specialists as soon as possible. Please try to avoid using the equipment in question before the maintenance personnel allow, especially if the damage is related to radiation.

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