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Why do we need to maintain our X-ray machine

X-ray machine plays an important role in checking our body and maintaining a good life. Today, covid 19 is very popular, we need to use X-ray machine more. X-ray machine is a delicate and fragile device, which requires us to take more care of it in our daily life. If it needs to be used, the device can not normally belong to the use state, which will bring great inconvenience. It is also important to use the same method to maintain the imaging device. Even small damage (such as small cracks or dust film)

It may also damage the integrity of industrial imaging equipment, and lead to image quality degradation, or even lead to misdiagnosis. Without regular cleaning and maintenance, the equipment can suffer. To ensure that the newheek X-ray machine works properly when required, perform a preventive maintenance routine.

Safety should always be a top priority for any healthcare organization to protect patients and employees. If the imaging equipment is not properly maintained, it may cause many security risks. First, if the machine falls or is damaged, radiation technicians and patients may be injured. Another safety issue is the X-ray energy emitted. Although the human body can safely absorb a certain amount, if it is not controlled, the equipment may release unnecessary amount, resulting in long-term impact.

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