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The customer raised a question about how to maintain the equipment

On May 22, I received a call from a customer  Province, who bought our equipment in February this year, but asked how to maintain the equipment. For how to maintain the X-ray machine, the answer is that high-quality medical care does not only include providing patients with the latest and most advanced equipment. Proper care and maintenance of the equipment is also essential. When maintaining their imaging equipment, medical institutions must be proactive to ensure that everything is normal when needed.

X-ray equipment must be in the best working condition to produce the highest quality image. Even if the image receiver system is slightly damaged, such as stains, small cracks and dust spots, it may damage the integrity of the X-ray image and lead to misdiagnosis. Brightness, contrast and other settings also need to be carefully calibrated to produce the correct results. The most serious danger of equipment failure to patients is the inability to accurately diagnose the problem, so we must train X-ray machine technicians to check the following items: magnification, resolution, glass cleanliness, gray and contrast. Radiation level is always a problem when dealing with new heek X-ray machine. Medical staff should work in the environment on a regular basis, so the risk is higher than that of patients.

Doctors, nurses and technicians should clearly communicate to patients the problems they may encounter during the journey. Educating everyone involved in the X-ray imaging process is the best way to discover and solve problems that may lead to patients not receiving the professional care they should have.

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