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Do you know what dental digital senso are used for?

Many people usually do not pay enough attention to oral health. However, as the opening of the digestive system, the oral cavity undertakes important tasks, among which the teeth are the main structure. In case of disease or even loss, there will be many adverse effects on health.

Sensitive and diseased teeth will feel pain and discomfort when exposed to cold, hot, acid and other stimuli, which will hinder eating and sleeping;Dental caries further development after the invasion of the pulp pain is difficult to endure, serious will also appear gums, facial swelling, affecting the health.On the other hand, after tooth is missing, cannot chew adequately, gastric juice secretion decreases, gastrointestinal peristalsis slows down, thus aggravating the burden of gastrointestinal tract, affecting the absorption of nutrients, leading to disease.It can be seen that maintaining oral health plays an important role in overall physical and mental health.

The dental digital sensor is mainly used for photographic examination of oral teeth. Its main advantages include:

1.T5 generation CMOS technology is adopted to make the image clearer and the exposure dose lower.

2.Direct USB connection, no need to connect the control box, simple installation, plug and play.

3.Convenient software operation workflow and fast image acquisition.

4.Ergonomic design, rounded corners and smooth edges to improve patient comfort.

5.waterproof protection, waterproof protection design, safe to use.

6.Super long life guarantee, > 100000 times exposure

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