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Industrial vertical X-ray machine application field

The inquiry we received today is for an Industrial vertical X-ray machine from a customer in Weihai.When the customer was asked what he was testing, the customer replied that he was testing the internal structure of the wires and cables, so he recommended our 500mA Industrial vertical X-ray machine to the customer.

The significance of flaw detection of industrial X-ray machine: Flaw detection is a nondestructive flaw detection method that USES X-ray penetration and attenuation in material to find defects.X-rays can examine the internal defects of metallic and non-metallic materials and their products, such as bulk defects such as pores in welds, slag inclusion, lack of penetration, etc.By means of X-ray radiography, the internal defects of the parts and welding of the materials are shown on the X-ray film to evaluate the quality of the products, so as to judge the advantages and disadvantages of the products, improve the production process, improve the quality of the products and increase the market competitiveness of the products.
At present, industrial X-ray machines are widely used in automotive parts, electronic parts, castings, chemicals, containers, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, lithium batteries and other fields of application of flaw detection.The customer also asked about lead protection, and said, “We do not have lead protection technology.

If you would like to know more about 500mA industrial vertical X-ray machines, please contact us.

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