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Does the X-ray foreign body detector emit a lot of radiation?

Many partners know that X-rays emit radiation. How big is the radiation? Let’s find out together today.
The X-ray foreign body detector should be required to issue a radiation safety certificate, and in this way, some experiments can be performed better.
X-ray examination radiation is small, because there is no dose threshold for the radiation received by the body in a single X-ray examination, that is, the amount of radiation received is small and will not cause damage to the body. However, if the X-ray irradiation is performed multiple times and in a short period of time, the dose threshold is relatively large, which will cause damage to the human body.
If it is in the pregnancy stage, it needs to be prohibited, especially within the first three months of pregnancy. Since the fetus has not yet developed at this stage, X-ray examination may lead to abnormal embryonic development. Therefore, X-ray examination during pregnancy The inspection is limited. At the same time, if you are planning to become pregnant, you can also choose to take folic acid tablets, which can help prevent the occurrence of neural tube defects in the fetus after pregnancy.
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