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How do you know if it’s a CR or a DR?

With the continuous updating of science and technology, some new imaging equipment has appeared, such as DR (Digital Radiography) Chinese name digital radiography, CR (Computed Radiography) Chinese name computer radiography.
DR and CR are also imaging equipment, which is the result of the improvement of traditional X-ray machine through digital technology. Nonetheless, the imaging methods of the two are very different
DR is a kind of X-ray direct conversion technology, digital X-ray photography, the system is composed of digital image acquisition board special filter BUCKY digital image acquisition control X-ray photography system digital image workstation. In the amorphous silicon image plate, the X-rays are converted into visible light through the fluorescent screen, and then converted into electronic signals by matrix pixels through the TFT thin film crystal circuit, which are transmitted to the computer, and the images are displayed through the monitor, and can also be transmitted into the PACS network.
The principle of CR imaging is to replace the traditional film intensifying screen with an image plate IP (Imaging Panel), record the X-ray image with a storage medium, convert the stored signal into an optical signal through laser scanning, and then convert it into a signal with a photomultiplier tube. After A/D conversion, it is input into the computer for processing and becomes a high-quality digital image.
The technical characteristics of DR are that the radiation dose is small and the exposure window level is large. Digital images have the advantages of good resolution, good image sharpness, clear details, and various image post-processing according to clinical needs. Realize the radiology department without film, network between departments and hospitals, which is convenient for teaching and consultation.
The technical characteristics of CR The image processing system can adjust the contrast, so it can achieve the best visual effect; the tolerance range of the photographing conditions is large; the amount of X-rays received by the patient is reduced. Image information can be stored and transmitted by magnetic or optical disks.
Compared with CR, DR has obvious advantages, the image is clear and accurate, and the imaging speed is fast. Using X-ray traditional screen photography requires an average of 7.5 points per patient per patient, using CR photography requires 6 points per patient, and using DR photography requires 2.5 points/person.
Comparing DR with CR in terms of price, CR is obviously cheaper than DR, as long as the IP board is used to replace the original film cassette on the traditional X-ray film photography device. The DR needs to buy a new one.
DR and CR will coexist for a long period of time. DR is suitable for fluoroscopy, point-and-shoot, and various angiographic examinations, and CR is suitable for complex postures. DR is more expensive and suitable for large hospitals, and CR is cheap and suitable for small and medium-sized hospitals.
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