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Does X-ray radiation really cause cancer? (1)

General routine physical examinations include radiology examinations, mainly X-ray filming, in order to provide a basis for the diagnosis of diseases, but there have been rumors recently that X-ray radiation damages the body and has obvious carcinogenicity. Is it believable?
We are exposed to radiation in daily life. It can be said that radiation is powerless and ubiquitous, and radiation is usually divided into ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation. Non-ionizing radiation refers to the radiation generated by computers, mobile phones, TVs, etc., which is less harmful to the body. Ionizing radiation usually refers to radiation such as alpha rays, beta rays, X rays and gamma rays, and the radiation generated by the leakage of Japanese nuclear power plants is also ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation is more harmful to the body and can destroy the chemical bonds between cells and molecules. Increases the risk of cancer by changing the structure of DNA.
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