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Does X-ray radiation really cause cancer? (2)

1. Before entering the examination room, the metal objects on the body should be removed to prevent the metal objects from affecting the diagnosis results, and to avoid repeated shooting in a short period of time.
2. Select items with less radiation as much as possible. For example, when X-ray inspection can be used, CT inspection is not required.
3. Adolescents receiving X-rays will affect their growth and development, so X-ray examinations should not be listed as routine inspection items for adolescents, and pregnant women should also reduce the number of X-ray exposures during pregnancy, preferably no more than twice.
4. You should wait outside the protective door during X-ray inspection. If you need family members to accompany you, you should take protective measures for family members.
We should treat X-ray and other inspection items in medical treatment rationally. Usually, there is no serious carcinogenicity under the reasonable control of doctors. We should take it as a powerful tool for diagnosing diseases.
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