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Does X-ray radiation really cause cancer? (3)

Does X-ray radiation really cause cancer? Should an X-ray be done?
Everyone must understand that ionizing radiation will only destroy the molecular structure when it reaches a certain dose, that is, trace amounts are not terrible, and excessive amounts are harmful. Although medical X-ray radiation is a more harmful ionizing radiation, a slight amount of radiation does not have carcinogenic effects, and the energy of X-ray radiation is low, the human body will repair it through metabolism, and will not remain for a long time. in vivo.
Can X-rays do it?
The radiation dose of X-ray is low, and it can even be considered to be in the safe range. Usually, it is not carcinogenic. If X-ray inspection can be used correctly, the benefits often outweigh the risks.
Therefore, we should rationally look at medical X-rays, CT examinations and other inspection items with slight radiation.
However, in order to avoid exposure to unnecessary radiation, everyone should take protective measures before doing X-ray exposure.
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