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Is x-ray radiation cumulative?

A friend consulted today that the child has a broken bone and needs to be irradiated with X-rays, and needs to be irradiated many times. So I want to ask if the damage of X-ray radiation will accumulate. Today, I will briefly tell you whether the damage caused by X-ray radiation will accumulate.
In principle, X-rays can be avoided as much as possible, but they should be done. There is still some accumulation of x-rays, but the dose of DR is very low, so the situation is completely reassuring.
Damage from X-rays is random to cells. For example, if a child occasionally scratches one or two or a few small wounds on the face, it can recover quickly. However, if you scratch too much at one time, or if you scratch deeply (equivalent to taking DR multiple times a day, or a single dose is very large), there may be scars and accumulated damage on the face, and there is no need to worry too much.

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