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DR detector holder asked

The DR detector holder is used for human body shooting and can be combined with an X-ray machine. Recently we have received a lot of inquiries about the X-ray bucky stand. An American customer inquired about our DR detector holder. The customer needed to configure fixed filter bars and sent a variety of types of our chest X-ray stand to the customer.
DR detector holder asked
The Newheek DR detector holder consists of a column, a slider, a piece box and a balancing device. It is suitable for IP plates and black boxes of CR of different sizes.
DR detector holder easy to operate, vertical chest film frame, beautiful shape, can move up and down, can be the whole body part X-ray photography, positioning accurate, and easy to assemble and disassemble, professional use. Fast imaging speed, shooting without waiting. The imaging area is large and the detector can be used in a variety of ways and angles.
No matter what kind of DR detector holder you need, our Newheek DR detector holder can meet your or the hospital’s needs.

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