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Do you have any after sale service in Pakistan?

Recently, there have been many questions about the Newheek 500mA radiography table. Dr. M also consulted us about the 500mA radiography table and also represented the concerns of most customers.

50KW pet X ray machine application

The issues that everyone is concerned about can be divided into these:
1) Can you please quote the price?
Okay, no problem. But we need to know your company information and phone number.
Then we could send you the quotation of 500mA x ray machine.
Thanks for your understand in advance.
2) Do you help installation in Pakistan?
Our equipment will be tested by the engineer before shipment. In addition, we will also send you an installation video.
So don’t worry about installation.
3) After sale service and maintenance?
If the spare parts is damaged, we will offer the free spares for replacement within 14 months. Not include freight cost.
If you want to know more about the 500mA radiography table, please contact our customer service.

Author: Alina

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