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Dr Bucky stand is used for foot radiology

Dr Bucky stand is used for human body photography. Recently, many customers are interested in our X-ray bucky stand. A European customer asked about the plate detector stand that can shoot feet. According to the needs of the customer, we recommended our latest Dr Bucky stand for the customer.
Dr Bucky stand is used for foot radiology
Newheek’s new Dr Bucky stand consists of a column, a slide, a clip, an arm and a moving base.It is suitable for different size black box, CR IP board and DR detector with (without) line.
The new chest film rack can be raised and lowered, and its features are as follows:
1. The total height of Dr Bucky stand is 1800mm.
2. The height of the handle from the ground is 960mm.
3. Base size: 480mm*480mm.
4, maximum film size: unlimited (clip spacing adjustable).
5. The supporting arm can bear 12kg, swing 180 degrees left and right, and swing -50/+30 degrees up and down.
According to our introduction, the customer thinks that our Dr Bucky stand is very convenient.They paid us right away.
Our Dr Bucky stand can meet your different needs.

Author: Glinda

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