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Selection of bucky stand with flat panel detector.

Dr Bucky stand is used for foot radiology

Newheek mainly has mobile x-ray bucky stand, stationary x-ray bucky stand, side-mounted x-ray bucky stand, front-mounted x-ray bucky stand, electric x-ray bucky stand and manual x-ray bucky stand. It can be combined according to different requirements of customers.

Recently, we sold a stationary x-ray bucky stand in Brazil. The client said it was for flat panel detectors. Before that, due to the experience of shipping bucky stands with customers, the thickness of our standard bucky stand bucky tray is 1.5 cm, which is not enough to hold flat panel detectors. So later we unified it into 1.8cm.

After this payment, we asked our customers to measure the thickness of their flat panel detectors. According to the thickness of the flat panel provided by our customers, our bucky stand can be fully placed.

Does our flat panel detector contain dicome system

If you are interested in our bucky stand with flat panel detectors, please feel free to contact us.

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