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Dr filming machine single-column or double-column X-ray machine which is better

The double-column X-ray machine is based on the single-column X-ray machine with a camera frame, which can make the process of patient treatment more convenient and quick.
The characteristics of the double-column X-ray machine: the operation is more convenient, and the humanized control interface allows the doctor to get a more convenient operation experience, which greatly improves the work efficiency. A set of designs that pay more attention to the overall operation makes the doctor’s work more handy.
1. The automatic tracking technology of the chest film frame and tube of the double-column X-ray machine is fast and accurate.
2. The tube column has a wide range of rotation and movement, covering all directions.
3. The double-column X-ray machine is equipped with a movable flat panel to make your positioning more convenient.
4. The double-column X-ray machine has 768 kinds of organ programs (APR), intelligent one-key parameter input according to the patient’s body shape and anatomical parts.

double-column X-ray machine

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