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Digital gastrointestinal machine exported to UAE

Recently, I received a consultation about the digital gastrointestinal machine from a customer. The customer sent information. After checking it, it was found that it was a gastrointestinal machine. The customer said that he wanted to consult a customer in the UAE about the digital gastrointestinal machine. The client was a hospital. . So we recommended our digital gastrointestinal machine to customers. Does the customer ask us about the features of this device?
Our digital gastrointestinal machine equipment has automatic error reporting, automatic fault detection, active shutdown alarm function, APR organ condition storage function, and automatic or manual image storage function.
The operating keyboard of the digital gastrointestinal machine uses light touch keys, and the parameters are displayed in real time on the LCD. Then the customer asked us what the maximum irradiation field is, and the maximum response to the customer is 440×440. This digital gastrointestinal machine equipment is mainly composed of X-ray high-frequency and high-pressure generating components, X-ray tube components and electric beam limiters. Composition. The customer said that he first discussed with the customer, and then decided whether to buy.

digital gastrointestinal machine

Author: Lillian

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