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DR Probe Board and Times of Use

The DR system, the direct digital X-ray photography system, is composed of an electronic cassette, a scanning controller, a system controller, an image monitor, etc. It directly converts X-ray photons into digital images through the electronic cassette. of direct digital radiography. In a narrow sense, direct digital photography, DDR (DirectDigit Radiography), usually refers to digital radiography using the image direct conversion technology of flat panel detectors, and is a direct digital X-ray photography system in the true sense.
With regard to the fact that flat-panel detectors play a decisive role in imaging quality, being familiar with the performance indicators of the detectors can help improve imaging quality and reduce X-ray radiation doses. There is no specific time limit for how many years it can be used. Under normal circumstances, the factory is guaranteed for 3 years. The life of the flat panel detector and the frequency of use, the working dose and the working environment have a great relationship. There is no problem in using it for 5-6 years under normal circumstances. If the usual maintenance is done in place, it will prolong the service life. On the contrary, if the maintenance is not good, it may be used for about 3 years.

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