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Fixed high frequency X-ray machine

A customer calls to inquire about our fixed 300MA high frequency X-ray machine. The customer’s previous X-ray machine was an old-fashioned machine, and now I want to replace it. But I don’t know much about the current fixed high frequency X-ray machine, so I want to know more about it. I gave a brief introduction to the customer: The fixed high-frequency X-ray machine that the customer liked has a four-way floating filming bed and a film rack. Both analog systems and digital systems can be used. The simulation system is to use the method of film processing to image. X-rays pass through the human body and are projected onto the film in the cassette through the intensifying screen, and then the film is washed out and imaged by the film processor. The advantage of this imaging method is that it is more economical, but the disadvantage is that the procedures are troublesome. In the digital system, X-rays pass through the human body and are mapped to the DR detector. The signal is converted by the DR detector, and the image can be imaged through a computer. The advantage of a fixed high-frequency X-ray machine is that it can take real-time imaging, and if the shot is not suitable, it can be shot in time. The disadvantage of the fixed high-frequency X-ray machine is that the price is slightly more expensive. For some clinics with insufficient budget, the price may be higher.
No matter what system you choose, the one that suits you is the best. I hope everyone can choose the right machine.

fixed high frequency X-ray machine


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