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Mobile X-ray machine for photographing children

Recently, a company asked about a mobile X-ray machine for children and stated that he bought it for the local community children’s hospital. Due to the small budget and limited funds, it plans to purchase a small-dose mobile X-ray machine and requires a medical X-ray table.
This mobile X-ray machine is very suitable for community hospitals. The price is not only cheap, but also can meet the needs of daily inspections. Regarding film processing, because this is a small mobile X-ray machine that cannot print film directly, users can use it with CR and DR, and then use the film processor to process the film. Finally, the customer raised questions about third-party certification and testing. This mobile X-ray machine is equipped with a variety of portable racks, the racks can be folded and retracted, and the colors are also available for selection.
The mobile X-ray machine is the best-selling X-ray machine, and its advantages have been introduced in the previous article. If you also want to purchase such a mobile X-ray machine, welcome to negotiate!

mobile X-ray machine

Author: Lillian

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