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The joint statement pointed out that protecting life is the top priority, and unnecessary destruction of global trade and supply chains may hinder these efforts. The trade policy decisions of governments have greatly influenced whether medical equipment and supplies can be transported to places where they are badly needed, and catalyzed the supply of key inputs for the production of medicines and health technologies to fight the disease. Therefore, keeping trade in health technology as open and predictable as possible is crucial, which will help countries respond to and recover from crises.

The statement pointed out that WHO and WTO are working together to ensure the normal cross-border flow of important medical supplies and other commodities and services, and to resolve unnecessary interference with the international supply chain.

The purpose of the International Health Regulations is to prevent and control public health risks in a manner commensurate with public health risks, and to provide public health countermeasures for the international spread of public diseases, in order to minimize interference with international circulation and trade. WTO rules provide the government with the flexibility needed to address shortages in basic medical supplies and public health challenges.
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