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Hand switch for dental X-ray machine

The dental X-ray machine controls the exposure through the hand switch. Standard projection can be used for diagnosis of deep gums, especially for occlusal or surrounding examinations, and can be used for detailed analysis. Children are shot, reducing the exposure time and radiation dose. The panoramic view on the left is ideal for easy archiving after processing. For the temporomandibular joint, the projection exposure opens and closes the mouth on a piece of film. The frontal sinus projection exposure provides a clear image of the maxillary sinus area. The hand switch quickly locates the exposure, and the patient can be positioned with the bite plate or the gill rest. Only a few simple adjustments are required: use a mirror to check the normal position of the head. The positioning of the anterior teeth (in the center layer) is to manually move the bracket backward or forward until the correct position is obtained with the aid of the lateral light (the patient does not need to be moved when adjusting the machine). The temporomandibular joint and frontal sinus were photographed with different positions.The L06 type hand switch is a hand-held dental hand switch. It is equipped with a graded switch that turns on when the button is pressed, and turns off when it is released. The hand switch is equipped with a fixed bracket.

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