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Nkx-500 digital GASTROINTESTINAL X-ray machine
Gastrointestinal X-ray machine is a kind of medical instrument used for gastrointestinal X-ray/photography, such as gastrointestinal examination, chest photography, skull and whole body bone photography, etc.
Gastrointestinal X-ray machine (GASTROINTESTINAL fluorography) is mainly used for gastrointestinal examination, chest photography,
skull and whole body bone photography.Gastrointestinal contrast, esophageal contrast, myelography, articular cavity contrast, biliary contrast, bronchography, venous contrast, peripheral angiography, 
urinary tract contrast, hysterosalpingography, pediatric imaging examination, 
application of partial interventional radiotherapy.It can also be used for fracture restoration and foreign body removal under fluoroscopy.
Combined with NEWHEEK’S DR system, NKX-500 digital GASTROINTESTINAL machine provides clear image, high contrast, good effect and easy identification of lesions
Product Advantages:
1, the image is clear, high contrast, good effect, easy to identify the lesions.High quality image intensifier is used to improve the gray scale, resolution and contrast to make the image clearer.
2, the machine operation is simple, flexible and convenient.The diagnostic bed side switch with humanized design can control the bed body and affect the motion of the system, 
which makes the operation near the bed very convenient.
3, high safety performance, computer program control, remote control operation, to avoid radiation hazards to medical staff.
The main configuration is: 
high frequency and high voltage generator components, X-ray tube components, electric beam limiter, image enhancer + digital camera, DR flat detector, room bed + power cabinet.
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