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High voltage cable for x-ray machine of different KV

Newheek high voltage cable for X-ray machine is an important part of the X-ray machine, used to connect the ball tube and generator, and the high pressure generated by the generator to the X-ray machine.

high voltage cable for X-ray, for the digital medical X-ray radiography system transmission of high voltage, X-ray radiography system by high voltage generator, X-ray tube components, speed limiter, digital image system, patient support device.

High voltage high voltage cables are usually connected with X-ray tube and high voltage generator. Through digital image processing, X-ray digital images with high diagnostic performance can be obtained.New image processing function, can obtain more X-ray diagnostic information, but also can achieve high-speed image processing;Due to the high sensitivity of the system, the required exposure dose of X-ray is low;

Newheek high voltage cable for X-ray is divided into 75KV and 90KV, 90KV high voltage cable for X-ray is usually connected to 150KV X-ray machine, usually to keep high voltage cable for X-ray dry and clean, avoid oil, moisture and harmful gas erosion, so as to avoid rubber aging.

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