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Common fault of hand switch for digital x ray machine

Hand switch are used in X-ray machines, which control the exposure of various types of X-ray machines.But do you know how when hand switch go wrong?

Hand switch are used to control static images. In many cases, the X-ray machine suddenly fails to be exposed and the hand switch are turned off. Newheek summed up a lot about the reason for the hand switch. 

Firstly, the phenomenon of contact oxidation and poor contact occurs when hand switch are used for a long time. When hand switch are in gear or in second gear, there is a phenomenon in which one of the gear switches doesn’t turn.

Secondly, the phenomenon of the shaft breaking at hand switch occurs. At the base of hand switch, a long pull at the base causes the wires at the base to break, causing the second gear to remain closed. Because all the wires at hand switch are thin copper wires with a thin wire diameter, the wires at hand switch will burn out when the current is too high.

In order to avoid wasting too much time, the timely treatment of patients is delayed. Some failures can be solved by ourselves as long as we carefully study and analyze the working principle of them. Contact us when you really can’t.

Newheek hand switch adopt mechanical press bar transmission, and the switch component adopts OMRON micro-switch, which has longer service life and higher sensitivity. You can provide quality testing services.

Newheek hand switch are wired and wireless hand switch, which can meet your different needs.If you are interested, please contact us by email.

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