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The application of X-ray machine in our daily life

X-ray machine occupies an important position in our daily life, you can find his figure no matter where you are. , Subways, hospitals, airports, etc. It can be said that x-ray machines have become one with our daily lives. X-ray machine is a device that generates X-rays, which is mainly composed of X-ray tube, X-ray machine power supply and control circuit, etc. X-ray tube is composed of cathode filament (Cathod) and anode target (Anode) and vacuum glass tube The X-ray machine power supply can be divided into two parts: high-voltage power supply and filament power supply, in which the filament power supply is used to heat the filament. The active electrons accelerate to the anode target to form a high-speed electron flow. After bombarding the anode target surface, 99% is converted into heat, and 1% generates X-rays due to bremsstrahlung.

The X-ray generation procedure is to first turn on the power, pass the step-down transformer, and heat the X-ray tube filament to generate free electrons and gather them near the cathode. When the step-up transformer supplies high-voltage electricity to the two poles of the X-ray tube, the potential difference between the cathode and the anode increases sharply. The free electrons in the active state are strongly attracted to make the bundled electrons travel from the cathode to the anode at high speed. , Striking the anode tungsten target atomic structure. At this time, energy conversion occurs, in which about 1% or less of the energy forms an X-ray, and the remaining 99% or more is converted into thermal energy. The former is mainly emitted by the X-ray tube window, while the latter is distributed by the heat dissipation facilities.

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